Bible Articles

Year End Update

It may appear that I did not write much this last year, but in fact I wrote much more than in the previous year. I am in the process of writing three novels simultaneously, along with poetry. I am happy with the progress of the books, and expect to complete all three sometime in the upcoming year, God willing.

Although I realize the previous articles I posted do no good in terms of convincing others of the truth of God’s word, I leave them up so nobody misunderstands my position on the matter. There is no salvation without Jesus, and people can only be converted by his own hand, in his own time. I did not know this before I wrote the articles and thought they might make a difference. I will leave them up so that nobody thinks I have reversed my personal stance.

Anyway, I have three novels in the works, with the plan on completing all three this next coming year! I couldn’t be more pleased with their progress.