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Mormonism. A damnable heresy. (part 1)

Bvt there were false prophets also among the people, euen as there shall bee false teachers among you, who priuily shall bring in damnable heresies, euen denying the Lord that bought them, and bring vpon themselues swift destruction.

II Peter 2:1 (Holy Bible 1611)

I was born and raised in the Mormon Church, and by the grace of God, wrested from it. The Bible showed me the truth in the matter, and the truth has made me free (John 8:32).

Had I not come from a Mormon background I would undoubtedly have little sympathy for those caught in this trap. Most Bible believing Christians I have met do not have much compassion for this deceived group of people, as the heresies are so plainly apparent that it seems ridiculous that anyone would fall for it.

It is extremely easy to see such a deception from outside (in light of the Bible), but from the inside, it is not so easy to spot, or escape. The key factor in keeping its members from discerning, or even questioning the Mormon lie, is in the casting of doubt on the Bible itself.

The first part of the eighth article of faith (a list of foundational Mormon tenets), penned by arch heretic Joseph Smith himself, and drilled into the heads of Mormon children from a very young age states:

“We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly…”

You see? Right off the bat Satan’s original lie is repeated! The very first lie told to Eve in the garden, contributing greatly to her falling for the fruit debacle. The first tactic the devil employed was to

cast doubt on God’s Word!!!

Satan, in the guise of the serpent strolls on up to Eve, as subtle as you please, and asks the woman,

Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of euery tree of the garden?                                                           Genesis 3:1 (Holy Bible 1611)

He knew GOOD AND WELL what God said (God’s word being absolute and indisputable), yet placed it into Eve’s mind to question the Lord’s word. It was a dirty trick right from the start, and worked like a charm.

Fast-forward to false prophet Joseph Smith (also deceived by the devil, and the vanity of his own heart), who repackaged this same lie, casting doubt on the absolute word of God. The Bible. He knew better than to condemn outright the Bible, instead teaching his duped devotees that the Bible IS IN FACT the word of God, AS FAR as it is translated correctly!

Mormons have inherited the same dirty deal that Eve was given in the garden, and it has succeeded in wrapping millions of people in a blanket of deception, and upon death, launching them into eternal hellfire.

I was taught from early childhood that no correct translation of the Bible exists anymore, that the true writings have been lost, or tampered with by designing men. Sound familiar? Christians today are also facing an attack on the Word of God, being taught in seminary and over pulpits that there is latitude in translating the bible (textual criticism). The devil never ceases to hammer this same ever-successful tactic.

When the foundation of the Bible is brought into question, false doctrine of varying degrees can now be introduced. With Mormons, other books were brought into play, most notably “the Book of Mormon”. This would simply not be a possible sell if the Bible were believed.

The Bible proves Mormonism false!

One of the key heresies of Mormonism is that men will become gods. Was this not another of the original lies told to Eve?

For God doeth know, that in the day ye eate thereof, then your eyes shalbee opened: and yee shall bee as Gods, knowing good and euill.

Genesis 3:5 (Holy Bible 1611)

For some reason this in an intoxicating deception to people. I spoke to a Mormon once who was fed up with the social and cultural traditions of Mormonism, yet stated in the same breath, “I like some of the teachings of Mormonism though, like the apotheosis part (meaning, someday becoming a god)”. Unbelievable. Somehow this is an appealing idea to those under delusion, that it is somehow desirable to become LIKE GOD! Someone else shared this same sentiment, aspiring to be like God.

How art thou fallen from heauen, O Lucifer, sonne of the morning? how art thou cut downe to the ground, which didst weaken the nations? For thou hast said in thine heart; I wil ascend into heauen, I wil exalt my throne aboue the starres of God: I wil sit also vpon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the North. I wil ascend aboue the heights of the cloudes, I wil bee like the most High.

                                   Isaiah 14:12-14 (Holy Bible 1611)

Mormons are taught that IF they make it to the “Celestial Kingdom” (the highest level achievable), and if they reach the “third level” (the highest echelon), then they will progress in eternity, eventually reaching perfection and becoming gods, able to create their own worlds and children, just as God has done here.

Can anybody say “Damnable Heresy”?!? You have got to be kidding! This is merely a fleshed out version of the devil’s original lie. And this is taught to Mormons as they sit in their classes and read their false books.

How about let’s stick to the Bible?

When people stray from the Bible and its absolute truth, they will fall for such teachings. Ever deceptive Joseph Smith, in a supposed revelation received and written in the Doctrine and Covenants (another false book), states, “The father has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s…(D&C 130:22).

So, in order to turn man into god… first God must be turned into man.

And the church members actually believe it! Grown up, educated, successful businessmen and women, professors, field hands, computer programmers, lawyers, doctors, fathers, mothers, deacons, dancers, and doorkeepers…

It seems so far fetched now, but when I was involved in Mormonism, it seemed plausible, and desirable. Like we had a secret that others were not privy to, this stemming from the fact we did not believe the Bible.

Now, here’s the situation…

A person can be saved ONLY by Jesus and his shed blood. Even Mormon’s confess this, though they have been deceived into a “works salvation”, best summed up by a passage in the false Book of Mormon. 2 Nephi 25:23 states,

For we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do.

The Mormon Church has embarked on a frantic campaign to show that this verse does not mean what it says(to try and fool others into believing they are Christians), but in the end to no effect. Church teachings include that a person MUST be “baptized” by a member of the Mormon Church with exclusive priesthood authority, then receive the “gift of the Holy Ghost”, by a different exclusive priesthood.  Two REQUIRED ordinances, without which, a person cannot make it to the Celestial Kingdom.

In addition, there are other ordinances required for the higher levels of salvation, rites performed in the “temple” (a place where only worthy members of the Mormon Church are allowed to enter), these being the “endowments” (a bunch of ridiculous mumbo jumbo covenants and received passwords and secret handshakes originating from Masonic tradition), as well as a “temple marriage”, or “sealing”, again requiring a special priesthood possessed only by the Mormon Church.

Without these ordinances, a person cannot receive the highest level of glory. There is even some vague rumor of a “second endowment”, and some performance of the “washing of the feet”, only available to the high-ranking leaders of the Mormon Church. Who knows what promises have been given to those that partake in this additional ritual? But again, this last only rumor.

So, no matter the verbal judo employed on the damage control front by those masking (an unchristian-like) “works salvation”, the absolute necessity of obtaining these ordinances speaks plainly enough. A person has to complete the rituals, then toe the line to be in good standing for eternity, as declared in the third article of faith.

Mormons do in fact correctly teach that it is only by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus that a person’s sins are washed clean (the Mormon version stating this occurred in the Garden of Gethsemane, instead of on the cross, the truth found in I Peter 2:24), which is a nice gesture, but deceptive in that they do NOT believe in Jesus! The Jesus they promote is “another Jesus”, not the one found in the Bible.

Mormon teaching explains Jesus to be a created child of God, his first born, making him the elder brother of mankind, and the brother of Satan himself, who is also touted to be one of us, but one who initiated a rebellion in heaven and was kicked out and became the devil. A lot of jumbling around of “some” truth to arrive at a flat out lie. To be technical, this “Mormon Jesus”

Couldn’t save a brass monkey!

…much less a fallen man. So, Mormons that put their trust in the blood of Jesus have set their ladder against the wrong wall to begin with, causing them to climb ever upwards to their own damnation, mistakenly thinking they are secure.

The Bible plainly teaches Jesus to be God, come down in the flesh, to become Savior and High Priest of those who trust in Him, and on His FINISHED work. Jesus is God, not a creation of God. He was with God in the beginning… and through him all things were created… (John 1:1-3).

Pretty nifty trick to cast doubt on the Bible (the inerrant words of God), then claim modern prophets and modern revelation to teach a false gospel. The reliability of the Bible had to be destroyed first, in order to sell this “false Jesus of their own making”, who couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag, much less save fallen mankind.

In the end, Mormons die in their sins and go to hell, not having been “born again”, as they rest not on the finished work of the REAL Jesus! A diabolical dirty deal, indeed.

One of the high-ranking leaders of the Mormon Church stated once, referring to apostate Mormons (of which I am, in their view, considered) that “They can leave the church, but they cannot leave it alone”. Small wonder, when my own brothers and sisters have been relegated to hell because of this deception, if they do not eventually accept the saving grace of Jesus. One of my own daughters is still caught in their grip. And they expect me to keep my mouth shut?!?

Not on your life!

Another statement made by a high-ranking leader of this nefarious organization was something to this effect, “If someone wants to leave the church, that is their choice, but they DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to meddle with the beliefs of other Mormons”.

Are you serious? Your false teachings and deceptions have doomed my parents, my brothers and sisters, my former wife, my friends, and my own dear daughter, as well as millions of others to hell… and I DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to mess with their beliefs? I have to shut up and LET them go to hell, and not warn them of this damnable heresy of Mormonism?!? The house is on fire… and I DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to wake them? With all due (dis)respect, and in my very best John Wayne voice…

“That’ll be the day”.

(Continued in Part 2)…