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Still just a writer…

I have decided to restore the poems I pulled down several months ago. It is true that most of them are taken from the pages of novels I am writing, but they also stand well in themselves, provoking questions on how we live according to tradition, in contrast to what is written in the pages of the Bible. Other poems are just for fun, and an exercise in word structure and lyrical meter. I love to write those poems.

Many of my poems are of very harsh subject matter. Ideas that this world would be better off without, but issues that remain a crippling aspect to society, and most especially within marriages and families. I plead guilty to horrendous violations of the Lord’s Law, and spare myself not from any culpability. In fact, I offer myself up as an example of wickedness; present, past, and likely future, if the Lord does not keep me from it. I fight my battles, but am too weak to overcome on my own strength. It is Jesus in whom I trust.

Had the fall in the Garden not happened, then there would be no need for vulgar themed poetry. But the fall did happen, and many caught in the grips of sin need further examination of the subject so they can perhaps change the course of their marriage, or other relationships, and honor God alone as the giver of blessings. Blessings not to be abused. It is the Bible that broke me, and indites me of my sins. Search out the verses for yourself if you wish to know.

God saved me and I belong to Him, and I must do as I am compelled. Hopefully my words will offer solace to a certain class of sinners (you know who you are, the kind that turns a woman into your god), or maybe some will merely be entertained. Certainly there will be those that gnash their teeth and denounce me. Denounce away. But I must do as the Lord bids, whether it is to my salvation, or my damnation, that is in God’s hands alone.

Go off naysayers, and labor in the pleasant parts of the vineyard where the grapes are sweet and the aromas pleasant, and I will shovel the dung (for the dung must be shoveled). Is there nary a man to do it?


ready to shovel the shit and then be cast headlong into the slag heap, if the Lord wills it. But ALL my hopes are in Jesus, and therefore I hope for a mansion above. O wretched man that I am.

I do not like confessing myself to be amongst the most wretched and loathsome class of sinners, those involved in sexual deviancy, pornography, and abuse of the gifts God provided to be a binding force and a blessing within the bounds of marriage. I deserve my former wife leaving me. I wish she had not, but I deserved it. My life is little more than sorrow and agony for my separation from her, and from the absence of two of my children.

I will cry out to all that would listen to not tempt the Lord, and to make no provision for sin. Come out of the world, and come to He who is mighty to save, Jesus Christ.

Still just a writer…