Poetical Sta-Stammerings

Webster’s Dictionary 1828

PO’ETRY, noun [GR.] Metrical composition; verse; as heroic poetry;
dramatic poetry; lyric or Pindaric poetry
1. The art or practice of composing in verse. He excels in poetry
2. Poems; poetical composition. We take pleasure in reading poetry
3. This term is also applied to the language of excited imagination and feeling.

Webster’s (your humble narrator) addition 2021

4. Poetry; poetical stammerings. Poetical stammerings are only found in the gulf between man’s depravity and God’s holiness. To wit: Here on Earth.

Poetical Sta-Stammerings


There are no poets ‘mid the angels
No poems beyond the pearly gates
No one to leave you lost in sorrow
No yesterday. And no tomorrow.

Trudging out this mortal plane
the poet suffers grief
A stream of feeble words he strings
to try and grant his soul relief
crying out in anguish
sta-stammerings of sin
My Lord! throw wide those holy gates!
and usher me within!

Three hammers and a nail
coerced the poet out of me
three moments of betrayal
blinded me so I could see
the depths of my depravity

My first love made me sad and blue
two wives then tore my heart in two
left me loathsome weak and frail
Death approaches like a snail

O Absolom! O Absolom!
‘Tis not for you I cry
but for the loves that left me ‘lone
to pine and wait to die

My grief and sadness are complete
just bread of sorrows left to eat
God himself my death-day set
someday soon I’ll die I bet
someday soon
but still…

Until God wipes these tears of mine
and death my wicked flesh doth tame
I’ll sta-stammer words and drink my wine
and hang my head in humbled shame

The daisy petals are all pulled
forsaken body growing old
alone with needs that still burn hot
She loves me not
She loves me not
She loves me n-not

Someday no more tears to cry
Someday no more wait to die
Someday no more lonesome tree
Someday no more poetry

Mine eye also is dimme by reason of sorrow, and all my members are as a shadow.   -Job 17:7 (Holy Bible 1611)

My friends scorne me, but my eye powreth out teares vnto God.   -Job 16:20 (Holy Bible 1611)

My louers and my friends stand a loofe from my sore, and my kinsmen stand a farre off. -Psalms 38:11 (Holy Bible 1611)

And God shall wipe away all tears from [my] eyes…   -Revelation 21:4 (Holy Bible 1611)

-One of my personal favorite poems in terms of sentiment and scope
-Written in a free-form irregular verses, with the couplets I enjoy so much
-The art-style is fitting. Dot matrix. Sparing use of color. Sodium Vapor lit background. Walls converging on the Pining Poet. Cinematic, and the story of my life! haha. Could it be any more perfect? I trow not!