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Mormonism. A damnable heresy. (part 2)

Mormons. Listen up. YOU ARE NOT CHRISTIANS! The “Jesus” in the official name of the organization known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, IS NOT REALLY JESUS. Not the Jesus of the Bible. Therefore, the Mormon Church cannot save you. All the wishful thinking or cover-up explanations in the world don’t make truth. Truth is found ONLY in the Bible.

Self proclaimed prophet, Joseph Smith, met with some pretty stiff opposition when he first unveiled his tall tale about being visited by an angel, led to the golden plates, then given the ability to translate them into what is now known as The Book of Mormon. Small wonder he couldn’t dupe the Christian preachers of the day. They read the Bible and knew it to contain the perfect word of God.

But though we, or an Angel from heauen, preach anyother Gospel vnto you, then that which wee haue preached vnto you, let him be accursed.

Galatians 1:8 (Holy Bible 1611)

And along comes this brash charlatan of a lad, Joseph Smith, claiming that an angel from heaven appeared to him and led him to additional scripture, and gave him revelation. Sounds like “another gospel” to me! The preachers were not deceived, and warned him of his folly. He chalked it up as “persecution”, and continued the building of this

ever evolving lie!

Let’s take a look at the concept of the Bible, and its unchangeable truth. What a beautiful thing that God gave us his Word in the form of a book. A printed document. God knew that ravening wolves hungered to devour the flock. The written Word of God has been the one true protection from heresy and false teachers.

God who at sundry times, and in diuers manners, spake in time past vnto the Fathers by the Prophets, Hath in these last dayes spoken vnto vs by his Sonne, whom he hath appointed heire of all things, by whom also he made the worlds,

                                     (Hebrews 1:1-2) (Holy Bible 1611)

God revealed his word to prophets in olden times. They wrote down the words He spake, becoming the scriptures. After Jesus came down in the flesh, He called Apostles that were eyewitness to his life and resurrection. They penned the rest of the Bible and left it to us as a protection against “cunningly devised fables” designed to seduce men away from the true gospel (II Peter 1:16).

No other revelation has been given since the receiving of the Bible. Preachers have been instead called to expound and teach the Word. They are called to preach the gospel found in the Bible, not authorized to add or subtract from what is written. The Bible has been placed as a safeguard, into the hands of the common man so that they can test the words of the preachers against God’s unchangeable truth.

And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night vnto Berea: who comming thither, went into the Synagogue of the Iewes. These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they receiued the word with all readinesse of minde, and searched the Scriptures dayly, whether those things were so.

                                       Acts 17:10-12 (Holy Bible 1611)

Should we not be as the Bereans?, with ready minds to receive the Word, searching our Bibles daily, to verify the things preachers teach are truly the word of God? I WOULDN’T TRADE MY BIBLE FOR ALL THE KINGDOMS OF THE WORLD!!! It is truly the touchstone by which ALL things are measured.

The teachings of the world are ever changeable and varied in flavor, designed to suit those with itching ears, those eager to believe what they WANT to believe, what suits their desires. False teachings, false philosophies, and many false gospels have been introduced; that when NOT compared against the unchangeable words of the Bible, seduce many away to heresies, and then to hell. Mormonism is just one of those lies.

The claimed “visions” and “revelations” of deceiver Joseph Smith are perilous ONLY to those that do not compare all against the Bible. Angels appearing to give new revelation? Preposterous! And EXTREMELY dangerous.

For such are false Apostles, deceitfull workers, transforming themselues into the Apostles of Christ. And no marueile, for Sathan himselfe is transformed into an Angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also bee transformed as the ministers of righteousnesse, whose end shall be according to their workes.

                             II Corinthians 11:13-15 (Holy Bible 1611)

Appearance of an angel? The first vision? Messengers transferring lost priesthoods and authority? I do not deny that these events could have transpired (however fanciful they sound)… but then, I am asking…

Who were these “light bringers”?

The Bible makes it plain. They were deceivers, devils posing as ministers of righteousness, perhaps even Satan himself, transformed into an angel of light! They taught a false gospel, because it is contrary to what is found in the Bible.

The Bereans would not have been deceived. Nor would any that knew the bible to be the infallible words of God. This is why the Mormon Church has been successful in propagating and perpetuating the lie of Joseph Smith, the lie that NO INERRANT TRANSLATION OF THE BIBLE EXISTS! Attacking God’s words is the only way to sell the deception.

Another of the heresies sold is that of the “burning bosom”. Anyone that has dealt with Mormon missionaries or Mormon friends has heard this one. Their proof that the Book of Mormon is true, or that some private revelation is from God, is to pray and wait for a “burning in the bosom”. Some sort of blissful feeling in the chest that supposedly is verification of truth.


Feelings can be mimicked. Even most Mormons admit this. I was taught as a youth that the devil can mimic any emotion, EXCEPT peace. Who writes this stuff? Where in the Bible does it say he cannot mimic peace? What a dangerous thing to accept without Biblical proof! Imagine how many deceptive answers have been received by reliance on this technique of feeling peace. Someone started this pernicious rumor, and then nobody stepped forth and went “Berean” on the Bible to find out the score! They just accepted what they heard, then passed it on down the line.

The Bible is the Word of God. Answers contrary to what the Bible instructs are WRONG! How badly our wicked hearts desire things in this world!, and then we pray for answers using our FEELINGS as a barometer. A person can justify almost ANYTHING that way! Or be deceived by some devil posing as a minister of righteousness or an angel of light. God has protected us from such things by giving us his final Word in the Bible.

Listen up, children.

If it is un-Biblical, it is wrong. If it is Biblical, it is right.

Class dismissed.

I have watched people divorce their spouse and claim they FELT right about it! They felt at peace with it, or sure about it, or something like that. How about the truth? They WANTED it!!!

The Bible is against divorce. It is not authorized. But there has been plenty of scripture wresting, even amongst Christians, to find every possible loophole where a person can divorce another. WHY WEREN’T THEY SEARCHING THE BIBLE FOR WAYS TO MAKE THE MARRIAGE WORK OUT?!? And then wearing out their knees praying for the strength and courage to carry through. God will bring us through. But people and their wicked, covetous hearts…

The heart is deceitfull aboue all things, and desperately wicked, who can know it?

                                     Jeremiah 17:9 (Holy Bible 1611)

The heart is the LAST thing a person should follow. But that is what the world teaches, as well as tradition, and movies, and books, and support groups, and misinformed well-meaning friends. TO FOLLOW YOUR HEART! But…

what does the Bible say?!?

That should be the only question a person has when conflicted. What does the Word of God say about the matter. And this is not just a Mormon, or worldling, or atheist problem. It is a Christian problem, also. People have gotten away from their Bibles, and have gotten away from truth.

It is another thing altogether when a person CHOOSES to be disobedient to the Word. That is another can of worms. But sadly, most are just ignorant. Deception has permeated all levels.

Only the Bible Believers are safe. The new generation of Bereans. Those who study the WORD daily, and ACTUALLY SEEK TO FOLLOW WHAT IT SAYS! Most just go along with the crowd, and with tradition.

Okay, a few other heresies…

There are no three kingdoms of glory. This is wishful thinking at best, and a deception that keeps Mormons asleep to the truth. There are no Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial Kingdoms where all mankind will be dispersed into appropriate levels of glory, merit based, of course.

This is a doctrine of the safety net. Strive for the gold… but hey, if it all goes south, silver and bronze ain’t so bad. And your non-Mormon friends won’t be in too rough of shape, cause only a very select few will go to perdition, less than can be counted on the fingers of your hands, which means that hell might as well not even exist. Some penalty.

Here’s the real story. There is heaven, and there is hell. Those that belong to Jesus, that are bought with his blood, that trust in His finished work, relying not on their own righteousness, or any works or worthiness. These will go to heaven to live with God forever (Hebrews 12:22-24).

Those that have not trusted in Jesus, and have not been bought with His blood, go to hell. Their end is a lake of fire and everlasting burning where the worm dieth not (Mark 9:46). This is not some game. There are no do-overs.

IS THAT NOT SOME INCENTIVE TO COME TO JESUS? This is not something to be put on the back burner. This is not something to delay because of family obligations, or work, or vacation, or for anything. This is the most urgent business in existence. You could die in a car wreck tomorrow. For the love of God! For the love of your family! For the love of your own soul!

Come to Jesus today!

And there is no marriage in heaven. Marriage is ordained of God, and for this earthly life only. Authorized, and wonderful, a blessing, and part of God’s plan… but for THIS LIFE, not the next.

For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are giuen in marriage, but are as the Angels of God in heauen.

                                       Matthew 22:30 (Holy Bible 1611)

And this is a GOOD thing! Only in studying the Bible and in shaking loose the teachings ingrained by this false religion can you be set in a right relationship with God… allowing you to see the beauty in how He has ordained all things.

There is a mighty arrogance that comes with the Mormon package. YOU WILL BE GODS!!! What a flattering lie. What a thing to tell a person! Come to Jesus and read your Bible for a spell and let the Holy Ghost cleanse that filthy desire from your mind, and in time, that very lie will sound loathsome to you. The Lord alone is God.

You Mormons have been told for so long that you are chosen and special and were valiant in the pre-existance (yet another made up story), that you can hardly see your wicked and sinful nature. You have been taught you are the salt of the earth, the army of Helaman, saved for these latter days, a chosen generation, etc. In reality you have been sidelined. You are not even in the battle!

The devil and the children of disobedience have waged a war with God’s people since the garden, but you Mormons are not even in the fight! As you go through your compartmentalized and structured lives and systems, you are missing the fracas… blissfully ignorant of the truth. Mormonism is nothing but

a side show of the big show!

A dead end, at best. Come out from among them! Come join the real battle. Wake up from your slumber. You are on the wrong side of Jesus, deluded that you are secure. YOU ARE NOT SECURE! Read your Bible. Study it. Ask Jesus to take your sins because you are lost and cannot pay for them yourself. Ask Him to save you from hell, where you DESERVE to go. You must come to him broken. Not proud. He will save you.

When I was a missionary, preaching the Mormon gospel to any that would listen, I often got angry with my companions, chastising them for how they sold their message. When someone was taking the bait, and on the fence about joining the church, inevitably they would be told that after they were baptized, they would receive the Holy Ghost as their constant companion, and always have his guidance. They were then urged to join the church and this would solve all their problems.

Few things angered me more. I accused my companions of misleading these people by telling them “their problems would be solved”. It was my opinion that anytime you needled the devil, it INCREASED your problems. Now looking back, perhaps I was mistaken, and they were right. It was a false gospel we were peddling, after all, so maybe Satan did back off and give them relief from their troubles, content to keep them in bondage. Either way, let’s forget about the selling of the false Mormon gospel for now… and

let’s talk about becoming a Christian

There is no promise that all your troubles will go away. It is still my contention that when a person is ransomed from the grip of hell, the devil throws a whiny tantrum at losing another soul to Jesus, and becomes a thorn in the side. Besides, as a Christian, you are called to bear your cross (Matthew 10:38), whatever that may be, whatever God requires. That can be hard. But it is wonderful to belong to the Lord. He sustains us in our trials.

These things I haue spoken vnto you, that in me ye might haue peace, in the world ye shall haue tribulation: but be of good cheare, I haue ouercome the world.

                                         John 16:33 (Holy Bible 1611)

The Mormon leaders are wolves in sheep’s clothing. The High-ranking leaders, that is. Who knows how many of them are Masons, or Jesuit trained, or who knows what else? Enough of them give the Masonic handshake to world leaders to bring up the question. But that is another topic.

So, why am I sticking my neck out to tell you this?

First, because Jesus has called me to labor in His vineyard. That speaks for itself. And second, because I feel an especial compassion for you… BECAUSE I WAS ONCE AN INMATE OF THE MORMON PRISON, ALSO! Born and raised, hundred percent whole wheater, dyed in the wool, true blue, through and through.

But then Jesus saved me. He can save you, too. This is a jailbreak! Throw away your false books. Throw away your false notions. Throw away your pride. This is important. It is a matter of heaven, or the lake of fire. Read your Bible. Come to Jesus.

Surely there are better things to be had than hell.