Locked from HER Paradise

God gave Adam help
Meet to get him through
This rotten and decaying world
This life of grey and blue

Eve was made to comfort him
She proved to be untrue
But so much joy he found in her
He ate the apple too

Not good for man to be alone
Decreed from high above
A shelter from his wicked lusts
Somebody soft to love

She stuck by him through thick and thin
No other man to woo her
Differently things might have gone
Were there another suitor

Pandora’s box is open now
She the master of her choice
Beside her husband’s soft command
She hears a stranger’s voice

Coaxing gently, offering her,
clothes and cars and merchandise
Oh! the help that cleaved to him
Now seeks a self-made paradise!

This world in opposition
to the ties that used to bind
Eve unchained and free to seek
what pleasures she can find

I that lonesome Adam now
Great grandson of his loins
That rib that vexed him to his death
Sold me for thirty coins

She took me in when I was broken
Let me drink of her own flesh
Her perfume Brewed in Paris France
Her panties Made in Bangladesh

Soft and warm she quelled the storm
That raged within my breast
Of all fair daughters of the land
By landslides she was best!

I strode this dreary winepress world
A smile on my weathered face
All debts and devils fled my mind
When she let drop her gown of lace

But then there came another man
Much mightier than me
A business hand. A diamond band.
The girth of an oak tree

My world changed so suddenly
A sharp and stabbing pain
My lovely Angel’s face transformed;
A mask of pure disdain

She called me now a loser
A stupid silly ass
This brown haired foxy Venus,
full of impudence and sass

The kind of moxie gained on stage
The boldness of an actor
The insolence she doth attain
From a new benefactor

Then I left on business
Thinking all was fine
My lovely wife, she ran away
Just papers left to sign

The legal stuff required time
No plea could make her stop
My lawful wife now filled with him
each time she let her lace gown drop

With JUDAS ink just barely dry
She married him instead
And left me in a bed so cold
With lusts that go unfed

So now I cry and hate my life
She become my torturer
Thoughts of how she joined with me
Now make me an adulterer

I dream of how her body moved
My lovely dancing queen
The things she did to quell my lust
Oh God! I miss Lorine!

She let HIM in. She shut ME out.
The things of men and mice…
I the loathsome loser now
Locked from HER paradise.

Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples, for I am sicke of loue.

-Song of Solomon 2:5 (Holy Bible 1611)

How faire is thy loue, my sister, my spouse! how much better is thy loue than wine! and the smell of thine oyntments then all spices!

-Song of Solomon 4:10 (Holy Bible 1611)

-My stanzas were consistent in terms of maintaining the four lines, at least. A little loose in terms of meter, but suitable. A fairly standard rhyme scheme which I enjoyed using. I like this poem in terms of melding circumstance with concept
-I believe this to be my daughter’s crowning piece of artwork. In terms of conceptual design, as well as use of color… in my book, it is unparalleled. I could stare at it all day. Sometimes I do. lol.