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Just a writer…

I am nothing special. Far from it. I consider myself a monumental failure in most aspects of life. There is little virtue in failing, if any. In fact, if there is any single redeeming quality in it at all, it is that sometimes a person can learn from it. Learn…

what NOT to do!!!

Inferior indeed to following the right path from the beginning, or building upon a success, or progressing from a rise, to a hill, to a mountain top… But the school of failure teaches also. It is just not a path I recommend.

If any reader of my writings can learn from my mistakes and avoid them as the “path NOT to take”, well and good. It will have been worth the effort. If not, hopefully at least some will be entertained. It is indeed a popular pastime nowadays to fascinate over the downfall of another. Most do not watch a boxing match to analyze and relish the skill of the performers, but simply desire to see some poor sucker get knocked out. I will play that fool, if I must. Mock on, if it pleases you. But hopefully someone will learn wisdom from my folly, and perhaps avoid some pitfall, or other, in their own life.

Come to Jesus.

He is the only way. Study the Bible, and follow it. That is the wisdom I have to offer. That is all I have learned of value. The rest is vanity and vexation under the sun. On this I vouch.

Having recently been baptized unto Jesus, and having made a public profession that I surrender my life to Him, I have felt compelled to write for His glory, and to bring others to the knowledge of His saving grace. I will do it to the best of my ability, however unworthy I may be for the task. If there is any truth in what I write it is only because I rip it straight from the words of God. The Bible. Anything aside from that is just an opinion, an exercise of expression, or an experience of how it happened to me.

Do not bother to chide or offer tips on how to improve the appearance or functionality of my website. I went to great lengths to make it the rankest, most basic, most difficult to navigate collection of articles I possibly could. If it is in any way hideous…mission accomplished. You are welcome.

I write on varied subjects, most notably the Bible, and on my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Other subjects include lumberjack sports, boxing, movies, literature, building, weightlifting, sin, etc. And of course, failure…

on which I am an acknowledged expert.

Some articles will be heavy handed, others sentimental, some just a thought or feeling of the moment, often childish, occasionally poetic, mostly worthless, a rags-bottles-and-sacks collection of dumpster deserving tripe. There is no particular order or scheme. Much ado about nothing, really… except the stuff about Jesus and the Bible. That is all there is of any real worth.

Read it and laugh, or read it and weep, or don’t read it at all. I am nothing.

Just a writer…

Leave it or take it.