He’s my son

Joey stole twelve bucks from Pa
when he was nearly ten.
He smashed the windows of the car
and BB-gunned Miss Wren.
“MENACE” dubbed by everyone,
and when a soul asked Pa
Why he forbore to fetch the law,
Pa told them, “He’s my son.”

Joey’s wrong increased tenfold
twas every year found worse;
He sullied black the family name
til he was charged a curse.
Cruel reproach weighed Pa a ton,
yet sought he Joey’s best;
To folks in passing Pa confessed
that Joe was still his son

Joey’s way caught up with him
and landed him in jail;
Court called Pa a fortnight thence
and vouched him for the bail.
Of his substance (sparing none)
he paid off every mite;
When asked if he was in the right,
Pa answered, “He’s my son.”

Jaded has the world become
as youth passed Joey by;
health is waning and there’s naught
that twinkles his worn eye.
The hour fore’ordained begun,
with conscience now for sin;
A funny thought awakes within,
“Lord God — am I Thy son?”

Folks who now conversed with Joe
scarce held that day esteemed;
Joe confessed God pardoned him,
his soul from death redeemed.
They laughed. They jeered. With mocking fun,
recounting all his wrongs;
Accusing him in drunkard songs:
“Old Joey ain’t God’s son!”

Guilt and sorrow. Miseries
for all the seeds he’d sown,
before he knew he was redeemed,
and Christ to him was known.
Unloved by man, he trudged his run
“Christ keep me, or I’m bust.
I’m no good, but Thou art just.
Please keep hold me, Thy son.”

Joey died. Christ called him home
and clutched him to His breast.
The devil whined of sins Joe wrought
and gave the Lord no rest.
Then Jesus said, What Joe has done
is no account to me.
My blood of old made void his fee
because he is my son.

According as he hath chosen vs in him, before the foundation of the world, that wee should bee holy, and without blame before him in loue: Hauing predestinated vs vnto the adoption of children by Iesus Christ to himselfe, according to the good pleasure of his will:

(Ephesians 1:4-5, Holy Bible 1611)

Beholde, what manner of loue the Father hath bestowed vpon vs, that wee should be called the sonnes of God: therfore the world knoweth vs not, because it knewe him not.

(1 John 3:1, Holy Bible 1611)