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Dust off the old Bible

How much time do we have left? Is there no sense of urgency? Lamps without oil, friends without lamps, the train on the track steaming pell-mell for hell. Will nobody shout out the warning? Will nobody sound the alarm? Will nobody kick in their neighbor’s front door and incessantly scream in that sleeping man’s ear, “THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE! THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE! THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!” Will we just watch as home after home goes up in smoke and the occupants burn, without a word? Is there no better conversation to be had than fashion and football and the weather? Is the best birthday gift to be given salon nails or a yoga ball?

How about a King James Bible?!?

Now that’s a good gift. And timely indeed, due to the stakes. Perilous times have come (2 Tim. 3:1). Invaders are jumping our fences. Marauders are stalking our halls. The man of sin speaks plainly and boldly, naked and unopposed, “Peace, Peace, all is well within the walls, and the walls… well, they have no end”. The emperor wears no clothes, but for a funny hat. Will nobody read their bible to find the score? Will nobody hearken to the watchman that sounds the alarm? Will the watchmen who should be watching be caught, when trumpet sounds, with donut and coffee in hand?

In the Wild West the lawman saddled up for battle. Forewarned is forearmed. The Marshall knew each day threatened to be the last and dressed and acted accordingly. He didn’t mess around with niceties and gratuities and forty-hour weeks and days off. When the bad guys rode into town VACATION WAS CANCELLED! A likely end was lead in the gut and his pension a pocket watch. Time was not wasted. Time was redeemed. Well done, thou good and faithful servant… (Matthew 25:21)

Wake up Christians!!!

You are the lawmen. You are the front guard. You are the watchmen. You are the ones that are called and commissioned and armed for battle. Called by God, commissioned by the Holy Ghost, and armed with the everlasting and infallible words of God! The Holy Bible. Sharper than any two edged sword (Heb. 4:12). Your baptism your badge. Your behavior your uniform. You have been deputized.

Where is the ardor? Where is the zeal? Where are the Christians that muster every morning bright eyed and alert for duty? Where are the old-time, old-fashioned, old-paths saints of God? Those honorable men and faithful women who didn’t shy away from a fight. Who knew their enemy and were not ignorant of his devices. Who were always ready and obedient and armed to the gills with their Bibles and their charity and their witness of Jesus Christ…He who saves us from wrath and death and sin and from our ever-wicked hearts (Jer. 17:9) Who is to tell the good news? The good news… that

Jesus saves sinners!

They must hear the word of God to have faith in Jesus (Romans 10:17). If they must first hear the word, THEN PREACH IT TO THEM. Straight from the bible, paraphrasing is fine to make a point and maintain a conversation, but make sure the actual word of God is preached to them. Get them a bible of their own also, so they can read the words for themselves.

  • They must be saved from their sins
  • Only Jesus can save them
  • They must have faith in Jesus to be saved
  • They must hear the word to have faith (edit. Faith is a gift of God, but often the Lord uses the hearing of the world to waken this faith)


Preach them the Word!

Read them the Bible. They will listen to you. You are their friend, after all. What are you waiting for, the Mormons to show up and preach to them? NOT ON MY WATCH!!! My friends are going to hear the word preached from me. In fact, they are getting it right now. Hence this writing. I love you, my friends. Only Jesus can save you.

Now, what of YOUR friends? Are you still biding your time? Are you still waiting for that right moment? Are you afraid they wont accept it? Maybe they wont, but LET THAT BE THEIR CHOICE! And remember, tomorrow never comes. When tomorrow finally gets around to showing up, it does so as today. Tomorrow will ALWAYS be a day away. So, get with it today. And besides, they might not be around to preach to tomorrow. Their soul might be required this very night (Luke 12:20).

And people don’t get saved in the shopping mall. People don’t get saved watching television. People don’t get saved in barrooms and dance clubs with loud music playing and immodest dress and immodest attitudes everywhere the eye doth behold. Where do you meet with your friends? is there nary a lonely park, or a beat up back porch, or a living room carpet to sit upon, to kneel upon, to combat their fears, to answer their questions, and

shew how great things God hath done vnto thee?

                 Luke 8:39 (Holy Bible 1611)

Show them. People get saved in the trenches. People get saved in revival meetings. People get saved on their knees, in tears, with a friend who points them to the Bible and to Jesus. Faith on the line. Reputation on the line. God’s promise on the line! Shoulder to shoulder, pushing and pulling and suffering and sharing and crying and trying. And caring. And praying without ceasing. And not giving up. People get saved in the highways and hedges. People get saved at church. Not at a super bowl or pampered chef party.

But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. And I’m not the first guy to tell you. You know those types… that just can’t stop talking about it?

Extra. extra. read all about it. some dude got religion and now he won’t shut up…

No. I won’t shut up. No. I won’t be silent. Yes. I will proclaim Jesus to all that will listen. I have slumbered long enough. Sat around waiting to be worthy to labor in the Lord’s vineyard. Sat around whining because I wasn’t perfect. Because sin is still able to beset me. Because my once and future cry has, will be, and still is…

“O wretched man that I am”!!!

Romans 7:24 (Holy Bible 1611)

So, who is this fellow who rises so early in the morning to sound off while other folk are trying to sleep? Who is this upstart sprout that resolved to spread his writer’s wings and do his best to glorify God? Who is this bloke that fancies himself fit to preach the Bible to others, having no license or ordination or seminary training? Who indeed?…

I am the man the Bible convicted of sin!

I am the man who had my head stuck in the swine trough when the Bible brought me back to my senses (Luke 15:16-17). I am the man who wasted my talent, the very talent God gave me to bring glory to his name (Matthew 25:24-25), and instead brought ruin to myself and to those around me. I am the man who ran headlong towards sin to satisfy my base and wicked desires, who blasphemed Holy God with filthy language and scornful speech and lofty airs. I am Samson without strength, a Solomon not wise, Hosea by nature not command, and Esau for naught but the bowl.

I am the prodigal son.

I deserved no mercy, but was recipient to it nonetheless. I deserved hell, but was ransomed from its grasp.  I deserved to be cast out, but was instead gathered in. Does not my gratitude and love for He who saved me spur me on to tell it to others? It is Christ I proclaim, not myself. I am not worthy. HE IS WORTHY! I am merely a watchmen set on the walls, armed with the words of God and my testimony of Jesus. Have I not sat the bench long enough while others labored? Time to suit up. Time to get into the thick of it. Time to put the truck into gear. Time to offer my reasonable service.

Time to dust off the old Bible and witness.