Delirious Love

‘Tis my question to thee
For true lovers love…
Most deliriously

No strings or conditions
No hand to unglove
ALL is forgiven
when TRUE lovers love

But, your love had limits
A line not to cross
You demanded pure gold
free from all dross

My words were hope laden
Our future so sunny
“I’d lasso the moon!
Find you leprechaun money!

I’d write that bestseller
the critics would grovel
We’d buy you Nob Hill
when I cashed in my novel

I’d tilt Don Quixote
Beat up old King Kong!
And someday present you…

My talk was in earnest
Why could you not see?
That I loved you, my love!…
Most deliriously

But for lack of success
I made you my IDOL
Time ground us down
Our sins wore no bridle

My worship grew tactless
austere and pedantic
You longed for a MAN
not some damn fool romantic!

No stargazing poet
whose pen spilled half-truth
Time was a-tickin’
Long gone was your youth

So, you flew the coop
and I stayed the course
You got your Knob Hill
Your carriage and horse

While I pine away
weaving pain into poem
You soar like an Angel!
I skulk like a gnome

You were my Venus
My springtime! My Dove!
My fair Aphrodite…

Forbear! Rumpelstiltskin,
your damn platitude!
Away with your insults
your question so rude

I like my new husband
I like his bald head
I like his sweet kisses
I like his warm bed

I like his good manners
and his soft midnight plea
Most deliriously

For dreames haue deceiued many, and they haue failed that put their trust in them.
                   Ecclesiasticus 34:7 (Holy Bible 1611)

She doted vpon the Assyrians her neighbors, captaines and rulers clothed most gorgeously, horsemen riding vpon horses, all of them desireable young men.
                   Ezekiel 23: 12 (Holy Bible 1611)

Prosperitie and aduersitie, life and death, pouerty and riches, come of the Lord.
                   Ecclesiasticus 11:14 (Holy Bible 1611)

-Four line stanzas throughout. Standard rhyme scheme (one I am growing rather fond of). Loose meter, but expressive. An experimentation with changing the narrator. Access to colored words helped in terms of division, yet were hardly a necessity. Merely a luxury. This poem came out well.
-Also one of my very favorite works of art by my daughter. I love the colors, and conceptually, it is brilliant. The rear view reveals character motivations not discernible straight on. The woman in the picture is perhaps the best she has ever done in terms of capturing mood. Perhaps the best drawing she has ever done of a woman in any sense. In fact, I am sure of it. I fall in love with the woman every time I behold her. Again and again and again…