Crying for Natalie Wood

(fill in the blanks for things I miss about her)

*wordbank below


Garland. Reynolds.
Charisse. Bacall.
I held them once
then lost them all
Audrey Hepburn. Norma Jean.
Once my wife
Once my queen
’til she up and left me clean
left me clean
cause I was mean
EXCHANGED me for a NEW James Dean

He has money
He has charm
Gary Cooper’s long forearm
Size of hand
Rank and class
He likes to kiss and grab her ___

I used to do that too in school
when just a baseball playing fool
and she my teenage dancing jewel
whose “body” made all others drool
whose “____” made all others drool

It Happened One Night
she left me flat
left me flat
as a Cagney rat
little league lad
with balls and bat
sobbing each night
for his _____ cat
Lola! Lola!
Where art thou… at?

Old Jack Lemon joins the chase
but just can’t keep up Maggie’s pace
Tony Curtis wins THE RACE
The prize
the favor and the grace
of Natalie Wood’s angelic ____
Natalie Wood
all dressed in ____

Shhhhh… I need to plead my case
Hush. QT. Some breathing space
I hope this is the proper place
Pour me out a whisky brace
King high. Queen high. Jack high. Pair.
My soul to thee, I need to bare
while seated in the anxious chair
this bold confession
do I dare…

It’s a fact I gape and stare
when Miss Wood flaunts her “UNDERWEAR”
when Miss Wood flaunts her “_________”

but soooooo unfair

North by Northwest they all go
to watch her in the follies show
REAR Window view of Miss Bardot
who suntans near the sheets that blow
rumors, myths, and scandals grow
(she told me when the lights were low)
She was “IT”…
not Clara Bow!

Then the Wall of Jericho
My Celeste Holm “just can’t say no”
a new hitchCOCK now sits front row
She feeds him cake
while I eat crow
I’ll paint my verse in indigo


Gone for me the mistletoe
Gone for me the midwest snow
Gone for me her face aglow
Gone for me that soft hello
Gone for me her lawn to mow
Gone for me, Capezio…
Shuffle, ball step, heel step, toe
I a mouse. Pathetic schmoe.
Trust me now, she told me so
Gone for me her shirt cut low
Gone for me the “kiss” so slow
Gone for me the “____” so slow
She shuffled off to Buffalo…

Tears of grief cease not to flow
(well, sta-stammer shoddy poems of woe)
my caricature…
¬°Un autre verre de Bordeaux!

Addie Ross just shrugs…

Clark Gable didn’t give a damn
Casa-blanca Rick had Sam
but John Wayne got that cactus rose
so I resolved to choose her clothes
dull and drab
less wominish
like Broken Blossoms,
Lillian Gish

I draped Miss Monroe
with a tent
But then she stood
upon that vent…
Her skirt blew high
She struck a pose
She hadn’t worn
her pantyhose!

And as they say
that’s all she wrote
ten thousand ships
docked to her boat
My darling Marilyn
struck it rich
another man made her his _____

She got diamonds
I got itch
Seven times seventy…
The blind man fell into the ditch

Jane Wyman has revoked the Deed
Aunt Polly’s FIELD to another steed
on fragrant LILIES he doth feed
GOOD EARTH for him to plant his seed
a crumpled napkin for my need,

Since the time she kicked me out
kicked me out
like a worthless lout
She, the EVE

Now each night I sit and pout
while his love swims the golden route
of little Miss Kitty
that came from the city
to my chitty chitty
Der Blaue Engel…
feels no pity

Over the rainbow
Sing in the rain
My heart a Jekyll-Hyde of pain
Me, the Chaplin TRAMP that begs
for Cyd Charisse’s perfect ____

A white White Christmas
Trolly clang clang
On Mary Poppins’ skirt I hang
her words in brash “Chicawgo” slang
her words in brash “________” slang

Audrey Hepburn. Norma Jean.
My Fair Lady. Flower girl scene
The two O’Hara’s. Scarlet and Maureen
My sky was blue. Her field green
’til she hitched that ride
on the African Queen
with a Humphrey Bogey… WHO ISN’T MEAN!
Lorine! Lorine!
My silver screen

You read the bible word by word
seated at MY kitchen table
you saw my talk was not absurd
but you were just not able
to let the WORLD go, just then…
to kick old BABEL in the balls
instead you crushed MY BALLS to dust
and ran off to your shopping malls
and ran off to your shopping malls

So, I suffer while you run
have your fun
but when you’re done
I’ll be waiting for you
I’ll be waiting for you

Me that Citizen with a Kane
face splashed by the carriage MUD
moaning out my sad refrain;
Return to me, Rosebud!
Return to me…


*WORDBANK (not in order)

-Legs -Chicawgo -Ass -Kiss – Body – Pussy
-Bitch -Face -UNDERWEAR -Lace

(fill in the blanks for things I miss about her)

How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the Lord hath created a new thing in the earth: A woman shall compasse a man.

Jeremiah 31:22 (Holy Bible 1611)

18. Yeah and if men haue gathered together gold and silver, or any other goodly thing, doe they not loue a woman, which is comely in fauour and beautie?
19. And letting all those things goe, doe they not gape, and euen with open mouth fixe their eyes fast on her; and haue not all men more desire vnto her, then vnto siluer or gold, or any goodly thing whatsoeuer?

1 Esdras 4:18, 19 (Holy Bible 1611)

29. Yet did I see him and Apame the Kings concubine, the daughter of the admirable Bartacus, sitting at the right hand of the King,
30. And taking the crowne from the Kings head, and setting it vpon her owne head; she also strooke the King with her left hand.
31. And yet for all this, the King gaped and gazed vpon her with open mouth: if she laughed vpon him, hee laughed also: but if she tooke any displeasure at him, the King was faine to flatter, that she might be reconciled to him againe.

1 Esdras 4:29-31 (Holy Bible 1611)

-This was a VERY tough poem to write! Like driving a dagger into my own heart. I wrote it while performing at the Tulare County Fair in California, not far from where I was born. No structure or meter at all, by design. Just pure expression. My love for the golden age of movies paired perfectly with my deep sense of loss, and forever broken heart. It just flowed from my pencil like a river of tears. I love cinema, and I love the one I lost. Enough said.
-I think I invented the fill-in-the-blank idea. But probably not. Usually I find everything has been done before. I just did it best, is all! And in terms of things missed… Cinderella taught us in the ’80’s with Long Cold Winter that, “Don’t know what you’ve got, ’til it’s gone”. I didn’t believe them at that age. Now I know!
-I love the impressionistic style of the Chicago Cityscape. It captures what the city means to me. Life is like a stern-wheeler, wheelin’ along the Lakeshore…
-God! I love Chicago. No city ever meant so much to me. That somber city…