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It was a blessing to me when my daughter offered to make illustrations that would accompany my text. I had initially wanted some sort of visual content, but had abandoned the idea due to possessing two left thumbs in terms of creating my own artwork, and haven’t the resource to acquire copyrighted material of any kind. I immediately accepted her offer and am more than pleased with the result, as the drawings suit the nature and intent of the writing perfectly. Another testament to the greatness of God who gives diverse talents, and when the possessors of such offer them up freely to His glory, results are produced beyond what is possible as individuals. I am most grateful to my daughter for choosing to give her talent back to God, who provided it in the first place for such a purpose. May the Lord be glorified in our humble venture.

The Artist’s Statement

“Like any kid of my generation, I used to spend all my time drawing cartoon characters. I imagined myself writing comic books, and illustrating fantastical stories that had no semblance of reality. But when Christ saved me from my sins, I could no longer justify these vain desires, or such usages of my time. I hung onto it all as long as I possibly could, but the Bible (Holy Bible 1611) stole away my affections, God shewed Himself to be too glorious, and my previous aspirations were shown to be foolish.

God is the one who gives talent; I can only draw now with knowledge of Him. My drawings are nothing extraordinary, but if there’s anything to be desired in them, it is because the Lord first made colors, and visuals, and patterns which one might attempt to imitate. The glory is His, because He made all things, and He is the one who gave me a mind to wonder at His works, and a joy in trying to draw them.

The Lord is greatly to be praised; but as for me, I’m just another soul who wasted countless hours drawing for herself, to receive compliments, to indulge in the imagination, and to ignore the truth. God be thanked that He didn’t leave me in that state! and God forbid that I should despise the grace He has bestowed by turning back to my old life, like a dog returning to its own vomit again; in having been washed, to wallow once more in the mire (II Peter 2:22).

God is worthy to be honored, and the honor is His. But the imperfections are mine, and if there be any fault found, let it be with me.”

-Amber Beckstead, Illustrator

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I do NOT collect any information whatsoever. If any information is collected when you visit this website it is without my knowledge and is not done by me. This website is purely informational with the purpose of pointing others to the Bible and to Jesus. I recommend them highly. In fact, you would be better served to leave my website and read your bible. I recommend that highly, also. I do thank you for reading what I have written, however, and hope it brings you closer to the Lord. I repeat. I do NOT collect data or information whatsoever, and am ignorant to the devices and ways any internet companies or others might be doing so. King David gathered information when he conducted a census (1 Chron. 21) and was punished by the Lord for doing so. I do not wish to be punished by the Lord, or purposely do anything that might displease him. I take no census whatsoever. I do not collect your name or number or data or address or make and model of your car or favorite food or anything of the sort. I do not know when you log onto this site or not. I do not have a visitor counter of any kind, and the only thing I know about cookies is that they taste better homemade. You can come and go as you please without my knowledge. It is God’s eyes that are upon you, not mine. There is nothing fancy about this website. I do not even have a comment box or linked contact information. If you wish to correspond with me for any purpose, my email address is plainly typed above in non-linked letters, and you are welcome to contact me using that address at your own free will and pleasure. Remember, it is God who has every hair on your head numbered (Matt 10:30), not I, so fear ye the Lord, and not this poor contemptible sinner saved by grace, O wretched man that I am.