Ballad of the Strongman’s Folly

…and she began to afflict him, and his strength went from him.

Judges 16:19 (Holy Bible 1611)


The strongman ruled in his household
his wife kept in a pumpkin shell
She bade him taste her fruit of gold
With face painted like Jezebel
the throne from him she did compel
When his attitude doth sour
hand on hip she makes him cower
forbidding him when he draws nigh
symbol of her naked power
she lifts her skirt and bares her thigh

Voluptuous body flaunted bold
around the town a silver belle
engrafting horns on her cuckold
she locks him in a cockle-shell
the key she wears on her lapel
Bees buzz ’round her fragrant flower
Hubby gets an ice cold shower
She keeps him chaste to make him sigh
taunting with her naked power
she lifts her skirt and bares her thigh

His seven locks she shaved and sold
his life become a lusting hell
afflicted by her constant scold
Her gelding knee his strength doth quell
papers served in one short hour
swap him for another plower
a vexing gift to make him cry
one last glimpse of naked power
she lifts her skirt and bares her thigh

Lord! my fortress and high tower!
Free me from Delilah’s power
Pull down her pillars. Let me die.
Mocking in the icy shower
she lifts her skirt and bares her thigh

Yeah many there be that haue run out of their wits for women, and become seruants for their sakes: Many also haue perished, haue erred, and sinned for women.
                    1 Esdras 4:26,27 (Holy Bible 1611)

-Oh my! What is there to be said about this poem? Everything, and nothing. A tough one to write, personally, concept-wise. Structure-wise, however… It is a perfect ballad in every way. Ballad type II, Three stanzas, ten lines, five line envoy, four rhyme sounds, maintained refrain, tetrameter throughout. Even the title holds the meter… PERFECT! I believe I have exceeded it in another ballad I have recently written (but have not published as of yet), but this one is rather good.
-I LOVE THE ARTWORK! My daughter and I are both big fans of Saul Bass and the experimental movie posters of the sixties and seventies. This one taps into that vein, while being original also. Bullseye.