A Longing for those Millipede Days Past

(for Sweetpea)

Millipede millipede millipede every day
It’s what my youngest daughter used to say
back when we used to laugh and run and play
before God for my sins did make me pay.
All is gray. All is gray. All is gray.
                 This day

She was the apple of my aging eye
torn from my life, no time to say goodbye
a hammer blow of justice from on high
o’rflows the river Chebar when I cry.
The angels sigh. The angels sigh. The angels sigh.
                 Oh my

My blues-harp on the willow branch I hang
forgotten are the songs of mirth once sang
each melody emits a dreadful clang
the cistern broken from whence music sprang.
The timbrel rang. The timbrel rang. The timbrel rang.
                 Bang bang

The greatest gift God ever did bestow
on fallen man and woman-kind below
was saving the elect he did foreknow
a claret stream of purest love did flow.
Calico. Calico. Calico.
                 White snow

Though life is tinted with an azure hue
today a blessing fell like morning dew
my Sweetpea wrote to tell me “I love you!”
My heart is full although my words are few…
                 ‘Tis true

-Psalm 137 lament (Holy Bible 1611)

-Another invented poem structure of my own. Designed to convey an inexpressible despair and forlorn-ness. A heavy handed rhyme scheme. Perfect meter(except the first line), but they were her exact words so I was compelled to compromise. An example of reality invading (and ultimately trumping) art.
-Sweetpea is my youngest daughter, and the price I have had to pay for my sins(See the Godfather III, symbolic of my wretched life. God is not mocked). ‘Cent’anni’!!! A punishment more than I can bear… yet I persist. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
-The artwork is a triumph in the symbolic capping of ideas. Most of the symbols reside in my heart alone, so no worries if they mean little to others.